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                                             Are you?
  • planning a wedding, christening or special event?
  • looking to promote your business in a unique way?
  • tired of marketing your company with bland, ordinary stationery?
  • looking for a unique corporate gift that leaves a lasting impression?  
Personalised                                     Personalised                       Personalised
chocolate dragees                            lollies                                    giant smaties
                                   Chocolate dragees                  Chocolate dragees
                             De Bock (Extra chocolate)              De Bock (Delux)
                                                                Chocolate dragees                  Chocolate dragees
        Vanparys (sulfine)                    Vanparys (nacré)
Sours and gum candy                Personalised                       Figurine bath pearls         
                                                     bath pearls 
Personalised                              Personalised                           Soap packaging
soap bars                                  soap figures
Personalised figures on              Personalised               Personalised 
                      businesscard envelopes

Our products are already used by Texaco, Citroën Cars, Microsoft™, Vision Eyewear, and Holiday Inn, among others.

Ordering is simple, fun and you can view your own design in a matter of seconds.

For non personalized products recall rights apply!



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