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FAQ & Shipping & TIPS

1.Repair and cancellations
The consumer has the right to notify the company that he waives the purchase without payment of a fine and without a statement of motive within 14 calendar days from the day following the delivery of the goods or the conclusion of the service agreement . This does NOT apply to personalized items, food items (items) and items that have been opened and can be returned in a non-original condition.

2. Shipping and insurance


 Up to 30 kg


€ 8

Germany, Luxembourg (GH) and the Netherlands 

€ 12.58

Denmark, France and Austria 

€ 18.47

Great Britain, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Switzerland 

€ 28.75

Finland, Ireland, Croatia, Romania, Spain and Sweden 

€ 31.37

Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway and Portugal 

€ 43.12

Greece and Turkey 

€ 57.58

Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Faroe Islands, Iceland, Malta, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Cyprus 

€ 63.33

* Prices shown include packing costs, fuel surcharge and 21% VAT
2.1 Which courier services do you deliver?
All shipments are shipped with the courier service GLS or by Bpost.
2.2 Is there a trace number for my package and where do I get its status?
All shipments are provided with a tracking number and can be traced via the internet.
2.3 I place my order but are not at home every day, what am I doing?
If you do not have any acquaintances at home or if you can not get the package at work then there is still your local newspaper store, baker or butcher.
2.4 My order is on my way but I'm not home! what is happening?
We recommend first and foremost to stick a note by the bus or door with the house number where the package can be issued. If this is not possible, leave the courier always a note so that you can book a second pickup or pick up the parcel at your local post office.
2.5 Can packages also be collected?
This may, but I recommend avoiding the necessary risks of the road and delivering the package.
2.6 How reliable is the specified delivery time for each item?
We have been active as a webshop for 9 years and work closely with manufacturers. All of our items are shipped "directly from manufacturer or wholesaler to customer", so we put out of stock and can deliver quickly.
However, we can not guarantee that all products offered for sale are always in stock. If there is no stock available or a waiting period is associated with a particular item, we will inform you as soon as possible. Of course speaking, if you do not have the time to wait, you can always cancel the order and immediately return your money.
2.7 Do you also send packages outside the BeNeLux?
Yes, we sent shipments from Hong Kong to Brazil. If your country of residence is not mentioned under item 2 "shipments" please send us a mail to suikerbonen and we will discuss it with the courier service.
2.8 What if my package is lost or the contents of my package are damaged, how do I get a refund?
IMPORTANT; Always inspect your shipment and items for damage before signing up. All shipments are insured with the courier service for € 500 against damage or loss. If any problems arise, we will be happy to help you, but can not be held liable for damage caused by third parties or you will incur.
2.9 What is the delivery period?
Depending on the item and as long as the stock is delivered, within the BeNeLux are delivered within 2 to 5 business days, outside of BeNeLux, 5 to 8 business days will be available. Personalized items within 15 business days. We can not be held liable for parcels delivered by the courier service.
3. Colors, scents and large items
3.1 What is the size of ... ..?
All measurements are listed in the product description.
3.2 How are the colors of the articles and can there be deviations?
In order to reproduce the colors as realistically as possible on the website, all of our articles were photographed by a professional photographer, but small differences in color can still take place (for example, the quality of your display and its settings). But this can not be a lucky reason to send a shipment back.
3.3 Are the printing colors edible?
All ink colors used for the printing of food products are approved for consumption. If you wish to obtain the certificate, you can always contact us at suikerbonen
3.4 What quality are the items represented on your website?
All listed items have undergone strict quality control with the manufacturer and are of the best quality. However, the manufacturers should report that they must report that all products may contain traces of nuts.
4. Personalization, prints, pictures and images
4.1 How do I get the most beautiful result during personalization?
To get the most beautiful result, use a dark background with a softer text color or vice versa.
The less text, the clearer the message, we adjust the text size and image for you to get a nice result.
4.2 How much text and / or image do I use for personalization?
For all food items we can only print in 1 color at the same time. When printing a sugar bean, you have space for 3 lines of text and or 2 lines of text and an image. If we suspect that your choices would not lead to a nice or realistic result, we will contact you to make it possible to adjust.
4.3 I own a logo or image how do I send it to you?
Please send your image in as high resolution as possible to us as a JPEG or PDF. suikerbonen
4.4 May or may I copy or use your website photos?
All images displayed on our website are digitally protected. If you wish to use our pictures for professional or professional purposes, please contact us before using this. suikerbonen
5.1 What are the VAT rates you apply and are they already settled?
All prices on our website are including:
6% VAT for all consumer items
21% VAT for all non-consumable items
5.2 Do you accept a price guarantee?
If you find the same item (color, shelf life, manufacturer) cheaper within 5 business days in another internet shop (Belgium) then we will be happy to refund the difference.
5.3 What happens to my personal information bank card information and private.
Wij werken samen met gerespecteerde financiële instellingen, dus het is onnodig om uw gegevens aan ons vrij te geven. Alle andere informatie die u aan ons doorgeeft is privé en vertrouwelijk en word niet aan derden meegedeeld. Wij zijn sterk tegen SPAM en doen er alles aan om dit tegen te gaan. Indien u op de hoogte wenst gehouden te worden van nieuwe producten en promoties, gelieve ons te contacteren.
6. Betalingen
6.1 Er heeft zich een fout voorgedaan tijdens de betaling, hoe kan ik mijn bestelling alsnog afronden:
Via het betalingsplatform op onze website.
Via Paypal: bart
Via Overschrijving:
Bank: KBC
IBAN: BE39 7370-2960-2019
6.2 Wat zijn jullie gegevens?
Den Baukergem bvba
Parklaan 25/1
9300 Aalst
Gsm: 0496/818.888
Ond: BE0681831014
6.3 Should I have a manual transfer, please do I share any comments?
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